Big Luxurious Icelandic Sheepskin
Big Luxurious Icelandic Sheepskin
Big Luxurious Icelandic Sheepskin
Big Luxurious Icelandic Sheepskin
Big Luxurious Icelandic Sheepskin

Big Luxurious Icelandic Sheepskin

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You are looking at one of the finest sheepskin in the world

Preferred by connoisseurs and professional decorators for their superior characteristics.

Few people have had the privilege of experiencing the soft and warm feel of a real Icelandic lambskin. The fact that you were drawn to this product means that you have an excellent eye for superior quality.

A pure breed of the ancient Icelandic Sheep

Sheep on Iceland are direct descendants of the sheep that were brought when Vikings settled the island over a thousand years ago. They are one of the oldest, purest and most beautiful breeds in the world. It’s strictly illegal to import sheep to the country to keep the breed genetically identical to its early ancestors.

To survive the cold Icelandic winters, the animals have developed a very special wool that will keep you warm, even during the coldest nights.

We carefully select only the very best Icelandic sheepskin.

Nobody has such a good selection process as we have.

Every sheepskin is meticulously examined twice and separated before it’s allowed to be shipped to you.

We look for imperfections in beauty, size and feel.

If it doesn’t pass our hard quality test, we use it for manufacturing other products. This way, you can rest assured that you will get the finest sheepskin you can find.

These sheepskins are extra large

Compare it to the chairs in the images and you will note how much larger it is than any other sheepskin you have seen before.

We guarantee that you will be happy with what you get

If you for some reason are not happy with your sheepskin from us, we will replace it or take it back, no questions asked.

Our hard quality control is unlike anyone else so the risk that you won’t be happy is very low.

Because you care about the planet

If you buy this sheepskin, it’s because you are a kind and thoughtful human being.

This sheepskin is a by-product of meat production on Iceland. The hide has been ecologically tanned to make sure that no water or soil has been contaminated. The colour is natural as no colouring agents have been added to the product. 


All sheepskin vary in size but we only select them if they have the following minimum size (on the hair side):

Length: 43
Width: 27