Mountain Lake - Black - Only one available
Mountain Lake - Black - Only one available

Mountain Lake - Black - Only one available

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Do you want to be the only person in Texas to own this bag, ever? 

We have only made one of these bags per state and per color. And we will never make more of them. 

It's part of our hyper limited edition concept where we design certain things and only manufacture one item of each color per state. So only 52 bags of this color are available in the whole USA, and only one is available in Texas.

Once you've ordered it, nobody else will ever be able to do so in Texas again.

But there's a flip side; if someone else orders it before you, you will never be able to get it either.

Why do we do this?

Because we believe that you are unique and that the things that express your style should be truly unique as well.

In addition, our company is too small to afford to invest in large stock orders and we have a very creative team. So we had to decide between having a few items with constant stock or continiously launching new stuff in limited quantity. 

The answer to us, is obvious. 

The bag is made in Europe with special Italian leather that becomes more and more beautiful with time.

It weighs very little, even if the leather is almost indestructible.

Inside the bag, you'll find tons of practical compartments that will keep you organised.
The inspiration for the sharp design comes from the reflection of mountains when you are looking at a calm mountain lake.

Width: 15'' Height: 10'' Depth: 4''

Shoulder strap included