Outdoor Butterfly Chair - Sunshine Mariposa

Outdoor Butterfly Chair - Sunshine Mariposa

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If you want to lounge outside in style, and if you are tired of moving cushions and covers in and out of a rain storage, this is the chair for you.

It’s probably the only proper outdoor butterfly chair in the World. This beautiful, lightweight BKF has a cover made in the famous Sunbrella fabric that is highly resistant to UV light and rain. The frame has a zinc protection under its coat to protect it from rust. 

The days of carrying furniture in and out of storages are over! Just leave it as it is and enjoy your garden or balcony whenever you want.

“As far as outdoor furniture goes, this is a masterpiece.”

When the sun is shining, the last thing you want to do is waste your time looking for the seats and covers to your outdoor furniture. You just want to hurry to the light and enjoy.

That’s why we have developed this chair for you.

With special care for your comfort

It’s also important that your garden lounge chair is extra comfortable, so you can sit outside for a long time enjoying great conversations or reading your favourite book. Most butterfly chairs are not comfortable unfortunately, but that’s not the case for our Sunshine Mariposa, which is one of the most comfortable outdoor BKF chairs in the world.

The Chair You Want Your Neighbours To See

It has taken us more than 15 years to develop this beautiful model. Along the way we have learned the secrets behind perfect aesthetics. If you look at the perfectly rounded edges, and the beautiful shape of the chair, you’ll quickly see that it will fit into any environment, no matter which style you have.

The only condition that needs to be met for you to fall in love with this chair is that you appreciate real quality and beauty, which I believe that you do since you are considering this model.

Sunshine Mariposa Is Probably The Best Outdoor Butterfly Chair You Can Find

With a double layer of 100% Sunbrella Plus fabric, there is really not much room for improvement here. We have hidden velcro in the ears so that the wind can’t blow the cover away. The frame also has a zinc layer under the coat in order to protect it from rust and the power of the elements.

If you look at the bottom of the cover, you’ll find a hole that drains all rainwater away. This way, no water will accumulate in the cover, making the chair dry faster.

Perfect for your pool, garden, balcony, the spa or any generally wet area. This is truly an ultimate outdoor lounge chair.


10 Year Warranty On The Durability And 5 Years From Sunbrella

I don’t know how much you know about Sunbrella but the famous French textile manufacturer boasts a full 5 year warranty on the colour upon which we add another 5 on the durability in order to offer you a full time 10 year warranty on the chair as a whole.

There’s no need for you to take the cover in when it’s raining to be protected by this warranty, as long as you take it in during the winter. The good thing is that the cover is super lightweight and can be folded into a tiny little thing that you won’t even notice in your home. And the frame is beautiful when left alone during the winter.

Nothing would make us happier than helping you enjoy your summer!

If you’ve come this far, chances are you have been seduced by this classical masterpiece. Don’t worry about any of the typical issues you may face when it comes to dealing with companies. Whether you buy this chair from us or from one of our official dealers, we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the service as well as the products you are buying from us.

We understand the actual meaning of the saying “the customer is always right” and we promise that you will learn why if you choose to contact us.

So don’t be shy, contact us and ask us any questions you may have about this chair. You will be surprised when you see how fast you’ll get a reply.