One of The Most Famous Designs in The World

The butterfly chair is one of the most iconic designs of the 20th century; a must have in every home.

Its special construction allows the chair to be quite large without giving an impression of taking up space in your room.

The model was designed in Argentina in 1938 but few people know that it was a commercial failure. The designers had called the chair BKF after their initials and though it won several prizes, they didn't manage to sell a single chair for almost 10 years!

I think the chair was way too advanced for its time. It was probably like trying to sell a space suit today. It may look cool on the catwalk but nobody would actually want to buy it.

In fact, it didn't become popular until it reached USA.

Here, it was renamed from BKF to "Butterfly Chair" and became an instant hit and spread throughout the globe.

Today there are many manufacturers of butterfly chairs but we truly believe that we make the best version of it.

My father perfected the Butterfly Chair

Our modern butterfly chairs

A problem people used to have with the chair was that it was uncomfortable to sit in.

My father solved this issue by creating a larger version of the butterfly chair. Our chair is wider and taller than normal. This makes it much more comfortable for you to sit in.

He also redesigned its edges to be smoother in order to fit perfectly into any room, no matter the style and taste you have.

Today, my wife and I run the company and we make the same chairs that my father perfected. We carefully select luxurious, natural materials that are made to last longer and give you more comfort. 

In addition to making different versions of the Butterfly Chair adapted to the XXI century, we create all kinds of products crafted from the finest natural materials and designed with exceptional attention to comfort. Made in Sweden to the most demanding standards.

We believe that you will become more creative if your surround yourself with beautiful items. We think that human beings, no matter how technical we become, will always have a necessity to be in contact with nature.

Thats why this is a place where Nature Meets Art.